New Galaxy S24 Tech Solves Problem With Samsung

Samsung parachuting itself into the smartphone AI wars is a twist that’s both unexpected and exciting in equal measure. Why? Because the company’s new tech could solve the main problem with Galaxy phones: feature bloat.

I have written for years that Samsung’s flagship phones are so packed with features and possibilities that it feels like you need a qualification to fully make use of them. Few things give me FOMO like reviewing a Galaxy S handset because I know somewhere deep in the settings menu there’s an optimization, or feature, that I have missed.

Innovative features are obviously, ultimately, a good thing. They are the culmination of years of feature development and software refinement. It’s not just Samsung that struggles with this, it applies to most smartphone manufacturers but Samsung has long been the industry’s de facto innovator (remember the Galaxy S5’s “smart pause” trick that paused videos if you looked away from the screen?).

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